City Racing 3D – Experience Fun and Exciting 3D Races

City Racing 3D presents itself as another racing game, but what can make it stand to all the others on the market today? There are a lot out there. There’s the popular Real Racing and Asphalt franchise, and of course, Need for Speed and GT Racing are making their claim to fame. So what does City Racing 3D have, and how does it manage to turn heads?

The devil might be in the details, so here’s a closer look at the game’s features. There are a lot of them, so you better be prepared to take notes:

Competition as Real as a Game Can Give

Most of the cars in this game are patterned after real-life models, and the developers did their best to try and capture that. A first glance also tells you that the cars are supercars, ones that only the 1% can afford, but that’s the least of your worries. You zip and slide through traffic, and climb up the leaderboards while doing it.

One issue could be the graphics. Perhaps it differs from phone to phone, but it could use a little re-touch in future updates.

Customize Your Cars through Upgrades

There are different upgrade options that you can enjoy in this game. From the outside in, upgrade your car’s paint to reflect your personality. Feeling a little left behind by your opponents in the races? Upgrade your car’s performance, from the engine to the transmission. It’s all about finding a balance and the right tuning that works for your car and for your racing style.

What could use some work is the games’ controls, as it could be very tedious for players to try and accelerate by pressing a speed pedal on the right.

Race with Each Other Through WiFi

One positive could be that this game is available for WiFi or LAN racing. This means that players who use the same WiFi or LAN network to connect to the Internet can race with each other. However, it also remains to be seen whether the signals are stable enough, as there have been reports of lagging or even dropping during races, making players lose their games without their control.

Race Around the World, See Different Sights

The game also lets players experience what it’s like to race around the world. Different places like Arizona, Cairo, Chicago, Hawaii, London, Macao, Tokyo, and Paris are featured in the game. There might be also different places that may arrive through an update, although the graphics issues and other problems may have to go first.

The game is a balance of both racing and a trip around the world, sightseeing even as you zip past your opponent. This guide has also tried to show a balance between what’s good in the game and what it could work on. With games nowadays, it’s only a matter of time before an update rectifies any errors or problems the game has. Overall, it’s a must-download for racing fans and fans of global racing alike.

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