Zombie Catchers Hunt and Kill the Dead – (un)Deadly Fun

Halloween is almost upon us once again, and in staying at home, we’re hard-pressed to find games to play on that one night where the dead are said to roam the Earth. There are a lot of zombie-themed games out there, but this one game, Zombie Catchers: Hunt and Kill the Dead, seems like it has an interesting premise – the (brain) hunters becoming the hunted.

While it may seem inhumane to catch zombies and turn them into ‘juice,’ the fact remains that they’re already inhuman as they are undead. Let’s see which features are interesting and whether there’s something to be wary of in this game – such as paywalls and ads.

The Premise – Hunt Down Zombies, Create Food, Profit

The game is casually introduced to you, where you fly around, hunting down zombies and turn them into profit. How exactly do you do that? First, you need to hunt them using your trusty harpoon gun. You can also use any trick in your arsenal, such as setting traps for them and making sure they’re hauled away right after.

Right after catching them comes the ‘profit’ part – you package the zombies and create tasty ‘juices’ out of them. You source these to your customers in a drive-through café! The flavor depends on the color of the zombie, so you should go out and take different zombies out to produce different tasting food.

Once you’ve got your small business growing, you can grow this by catching more zombies and developing interesting new recipes out of them. It’s only a matter of upgrading your business lines and growing your business until you’ve transformed it into a juice giant.

The Bad – There Doesn’t Seem to be One

Rave reviews have correctly homed in on the interesting nature of the game. Hunting down zombies and turning them into tasty-colored goo seems to work, judging by various reviews from gaming outlets.

Droid Gamers have said that the zombie game is really good and entertaining. They’re also right in pointing out the design and production of it, which is the right fit for a casual game. Pocket Gamer, meanwhile, added that it’s charming and accessible in nature, but hunting different zombies is definitely a breath of fresh air if gamers are running out of fuel for new recipes.

The manufacturing and business-growing part of it definitely is something new for the zombie genre, although the slight catch might be this – it might be offensive or even off-putting for the select few who would take a casual game like this seriously.

The Verdict – It’s Gooey Fun for Halloween

One thing you should never do is to take games like this seriously, as they’re meant to be played casually. It’s so casual that, in fact, Internet connection should be the last thing on your mind when playing this – it can be played offline, making your travels to poor signal-zones less boring.

Whether you want to be on the top of the leaderboard, hunt down the baddest of zombies and capture them, or see your small enterprise become a large company, Zombie Catchers: Hunt and Kill the Dead has a little bit of something for everyone. Download the game now and find out how you’re going to get all those zombies to your customer’s favorite drink and make money off the undead.

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