Earn to Die 2 – A Serious Drive through the Wasteland

This game, Earn to Die 2, seems like a marriage between two genres – the Zombie Apocalypse universe and the Mad Max post-apocalypse universe. On the Mad Max side, players start with a dilapidated old car they find in the zombified wasteland and turn it into something to protect them. On the zombie side, they use the car to plow through wave upon wave of undead enemies, all to get to that ultimate goal – evacuation on the other side of the country through a ship.

So how will this game go? Is it another tired excuse for the zombie apocalypse crowd, or does it truly hold something original for players to notice it and play it? Let’s find out, shall we?

A Story Mode That’s Entirely Worth It

This game is a follow-up to the smash hit Earn to Die. A zombie apocalypse is the only thing that stands between you and salvation through evacuation – pretty simple, right? The follow-up is a little bigger than its predecessor, though. As it stands, Story Mode has been re-made to be five times longer than its predecessor. That alone gives you plenty of room to make decisions and play the game.

Story Mode should also feature the renewed story, and in this mode, you’ll be taken away from the desert. You’ll find through the desert, city, and the highway to reach the other side of town.

The Travel Zones Aren’t Just for Show

It’s right that you’ll pass through different zones, but these aren’t just for show. The decayed highways and the underground tunnels feature enemies that get harder through each level. Like in the earlier edition of the game, you’ll have to make it through the different levels to earn the right to get to the ship.

It’ll be nice to know that these levels also feature epic zombie factories – which doesn’t sound good. Endless hordes of enemies are no match for a machine of death, though, and that’s what you have by your side.

Speaking of the Machine of Death…
If that’s what you decided to call your car in Earn to Die 2, we’ve no right to judge you. You should, however, choose carefully which car you want to drive. There are 10 vehicles already uploaded in the game.

Cars range from a sports car to something as noble as a firetruck to something whimsical – an ice cream van plowing through the undead. These also come with different upgrades emphasizing defense and offense.

An Added Challenge in Earn to Die 2

Even as you destroy zombies to get to the evacuation ship, it isn’t that simple. Vehicles have been re-made; they won’t last forever now. You have to pick the right upgrades and the balance between defense and offense. If you’re not too careful, you might find yourself without a vehicle. These additions should be a welcome development for those who want immersion in their games and find the idea of an indestructible machine of death laughable.

The evacuation ship won’t last forever, and your car won’t, either. All in all, Earn to Die 2 seems like it has taken on the challenge of becoming a worthy follow-up to its successor. It remains to be seen whether it’ll enjoy the same accolades such as the first game, though.

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