Hungry Shark World – Devour The World, One Prey At a Time

Have you ever seen a bigger, hungrier shark?

Sharks like this rarely come around. They’re usually the biggest and baddest around and the other sharks know to avoid feasting whenever they’re around. This is the premise of Hungry Shark World, the sequel to the first game, Hungry Shark Evolution. Take hold of a shark and rule the oceans as you make your way around, devouring everything you come across – from unsuspecting fish to even the occasional, unfortunate human.

A Shark Week Enthusiasts’ Game

The game is like more than a week long’s worth of Shark Week episodes. Choose from a diverse range of sharks to travel the oceans with. There are 8 different shark tiers to pick these oceanic predators from. From the smallest to sharks the size of the Whale Shark and the Great White, pick your predator and then pick out the food that they’ll feed on.

There is also a wide range of areas that your sharks can designate their oceanic hunting grounds. There’s the Pacific Islands to the frozen waters of the Arctic, as well as the temperate climate of the Arabian Sea. You can also fish for food in the South China Sea, brought in by one of the many updates of the game.

A Definite Feast for the Eyes

When sharks see blood in the water – well, technically, it’s not their eyes that see it, but they smell it in the water. Though there’s still bound to be a feeding frenzy in the water when there’s blood; see it in Hungry Shark World in glorious 3D! Play the game and feel as if you’re the dark, dangerous shadow swimming the uncharted waters of the deep.

You’re not the only predator in this game, though. There are others out to get you. Whales, submarines, and a few armed locals are there to make sure you won’t get your catch of the day. Make sure that you take them out before they take you out!

Outfit Your Sharks with the Tools to Shred

A poorly-outfitted shark in the water might as well just be tuna for the other sharks. Level-up your sharks in this game, and fit them with gadgets and different upgrades to make sure they’re more dangerous in the water. You’ll get a power-up for a more dangerous bite and another to make sure you’re quick in the water.

If you’re going to kill, you better do it in style too. There are skin upgrades that range from the tactical to the downright imaginative. Ever saw a shark with headphones? You’ll see those in this game! You can also upgrade your shark’s skin to be the same color as water or be a better version.

To Be A Better Predator, You Gotta Get Help

Even devils of the deep need a helping hand. Get those in the form of baby sharks (no song here), octopus, and whales. You might even get the chance to work with a raptor of the skies in the form of a bald eagle. These partners will help you get more health, increase your score, and more! You might also get power-ups worthy of a Megalodon. You can SuperSize yourself, do a rush, make an explosion, and more.

Why not try out Hungry Shark World? See what it takes to be the top shark in the tank or in the ocean. Invite your friends and gather in the waters to see who’s the main shark once and for all!

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